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Our Vision is to promote Homeopathy around the world. Doctorhelpme is an Online Homeopathic discussion forum in which we want people to share their problems or about their diseases that will be answered by our experts Homoeopathic Doctor’s Team .Our motto is to make Homeopathy wider and popular as its the safest treatment in the world .

What is Homoeopathy ?

Homeopathy heals one from within. Every patient is unique so homeopathic medicines are individualized. The Homoeopathic Doctor treats the Whole person, believing all symptoms are interrelated and seeks to select a medicine which fits the whole state thus after giving the selected medicine healing takes place.

According to World Health Organization, Homoeopathy is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world. As per latest data, people using homoeopathy for treatment are increasing day by day. Just over 200 years old, Homeopathy was founded by the great German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 Hahnemann, father and founder of this system of medicine, being practiced in over 80 countries and used by 50 crore people worldwide.

Homeopathy has always recognized diseases to be having both physical and psychological factors. This truth has been accepted by modern medicine only now. Also, the fact that diseases are not caused by the mere presence of disease-causing organisms in the internal or external environment, but rather due to the weakening of the body’s defensive mechanisms, was propounded by Homeopathy long before even the microscope was invented and consequently followed by the discovery of microbes. Homeopathy has had a futuristic approach right from the beginning.

Safe & Effective Homoeopathy:

Homeopathic medicines being easy to administer, non-invasive and free from side-effects, are extremely convenient for the patient and therefore command better patient compliance. They are absolutely safe even if taken for prolonged periods of time. Unlike other medical systems where many drugs need to be administered to treat multiple symptoms in a single patient, Homeopathy advocates the administration of a single remedy called the similimum that is capable of treating all the disease symptoms in a particular patient.

Why Homoeopathy ?

  1. Used for both acute & chronic diseases
  2. Safe free from side effects
  3. Non invasive
  4. Safe for all age group
  5. Strengthen immunity system
  6. Holistic Treatment

“Use Homoeopathy Live Life Pain Free “