Meniscus tear

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I am.45 year old suffering from.medial.meniscus tear since 2009, operated arthroscope in 2009,but still not comfortable,streching exercise going on but not major relief...kindly suggest homeopathic medicine

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goyalssa replied
6 Years
I am 45 years old , had tear in right knee medial meniscus in 2009,got operated by arthroscopy, had relief but not complete, problem increased few year after, pain started also in left knee meniscus, on the advice of physiotherapist in June 2016 started stretching excercise of knees, left knee normal now but right knee pain and uncomfortable feeling in the back side of knee continuing, doctor says that it is due to normal wear & tear, as there was no injury never, Kindly advise if I can start homeopathic medicine..
dr jitesh replied
6 Years
please send more details