Vey strange trigeminal neuralgia....

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I am suffering from Trigeminal neuralgia and recovering from it very fast.
But it is creating adverse effect on my mentality.

Does Trigeminal Neuralgia develope OCD symptoms???

Let me explain my condition. 2 month ago I was watching a movie and some unwanted thoghts hot my mind which is prohibited in my religion. I got very tensed and depressed and till now I am suffering from this issue.

I stopped watching TV, movies and other stuff bcoz they trigger my symptoms. Now it is becoming hard for me to deiffrentiate between reality and thoughts. Most of time I merge reality with my thoghuts. I know these thoughts are just thoughts but every time fails to get rid of. Now the condition is that even when I look at some images it trigger my symptoms.

There is a lack of mental clarity. Very unclear thinking.

unwanted specific thoughts are running 24Ă—7. I feel like I don not have control on my mind.

On waking up in morning I feel guilty of myself and think about weakness of my brain. I also feel like I am going to be mad very soon.

Feeling too much pressure in head.

Also there is a great mood swing. When I get happy suddenly my mood turn sad and that specific thought trigger me.

When I get free I talk to myself a lot.

Also when I do exercise and lift some heavy weight I feel heaviness in head.

Feels like my brain is not working properly and going to shutdown.I am loosing control from my mind.

Unwanted images flashes in mind.

Most of time think about God and religion. Also feel that my brain is very weak and not functioning properly.

Also feeling pressure on scalp area.

Cant sleep well. Even in dreams I get these thoghuts which disturbed me alot.

Memory is very low. Whatever I see and read it get vanished. Do not desire to study even if I have exam next day. Cant use right words while speaking. Always forget names of persons, places and etc.

Feel sleepy with heaviness on eyelid. Also sorness and burning in eye and on skin around temple and eye.

One more thing, I feel weakness in right hand and leg.

Thnx for reading….


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dr jitesh replied
6 Years
Tell me more about it so that i will be able to help you