High blood pressure and Deviated Nasal septum

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Hi dear Doctors. I have been suffering from high blood pressure for 6 years. In other words, my blood pressure usually reads between 150/95 mm to 165/105 mm either when I am affected by anxiety, Over the past 20 years , I have also been suffering from Deviated Nasal septum which blocks my nose and I am always having difficulty in breathing through my nose . I also believe that my having difficulty in breathing through my nose plays a vital role in increasing my blood pressure. Additionally, my enlarged prostate has been causing me so much pain for the past 20 years. The amount of pain increases before urination. After urination the pain reduces .However, it still exists all the time. In addition to those physical problems mentioned above, I get easily irritated and annoyed and stressed about trivial things. I am also suffering from extremely weak memory and I cannot fully concentrate when I do something so I waste a lot of time and energy to carry out my daily routine activities. I also would like to mention that I have been suffering from worsening –severe-hearing loss for almost 18 years. The ear specialist told me that it has happened because of the damage to my hearing hair cells but I feel like my hearing loss has something to do with my Deviated Nasal septum because when I get a runny nose I feel itchy inside of my both ears.In advance,  I am  also having so much dental caries and I am wondering if there is a medicine to keep dental caries at bay and to fight  root canal infection and  remove  the bad breath caused by dental caries    I am grateful to you for allowing me to be treated by you.

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Dr.Dhivya replied
3 Years
Hello sir/mam, Iam very sorry that you are going through so much complaints. Just saw this thread thought of dropping by. Kindly, visit a homoeopathy doctor near you. He/She will guide you. You have multiple complaints, but they all are interconnected. With a right homoeopathic remedy, Iam sure you will feel much relieved. & you might not need surgery for DNS. Thank you.