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Hello ,
Students we have designed this online discussion forum just to help Homoeopathic students , doctors & patients.
Students should feel free to ask their queries or doubts related to homoeopathy .

please keep posting and keep learning

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k.k kushwaha replied
4 Years
sir is ibs completely treatable in homoeopathy
drpssudhakar replied
5 Years
Proteins that will add you height include:

  • Oatmeal: this is a plant protein that helps to decrease fat while increasing muscles. 50 grams a day will help your body grow.
  • Soybeans: these contain very high protein content, in fact, the highest in all vegetarian foods. Take 50 grams of soybeans to increase you height.
  • Milk: it contains a high content of calcium that is essential for growth and maintenance of healthy bones hence boosting your height.
  • Eggs: the white albumen contained in eggs is all protein. Taking 3 to 6 eggs will increase your height.
  • Additionally…Fruits, in particular, dried figs and bananas that are rich in calcium and phosphorous together with custard apple and vitamin D, which can be obtained from sunbathing will increase your height. The combination works best. However, combining various fruits and vegetables will ensure that your body receives all possible nutrients required in the process of gaining height.
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pallab replied
5 Years
sir, I want to increase my height . my height is 5.7 . I want to make my height as 5.10.
my family members are short. i am going to the gym. will my height will increase.